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Media and public understanding from the Molecular Cytogenetics group, University of Leicester. This category includes interviews and press releases, and citations related to them. For more information, contact Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison, University of Leicester; e-mail phh4(a)

Discussing diversity, genes and the future of bananas on the BBC Food Programme

Pat Heslop-Harrison was interviewed for BBC Radio 4 “The Food Programme”. I have posted some of the points I wanted to make on, and a link to the whole interesting programme including my interview is here after broadcast of … Continue reading

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Preserving genetic resources in agriculture: saffron and other EU projects

Maintaining and developing sustainable uses for agricultural genetic resources is essential for ensuring food security in a sustainable manner. In this report, the outcomes of 17 EU projects on genetic resources in animals, arable crops, forest trees and “fruits, vegetables and spices” … Continue reading

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Banana genome sequence in the news

The full sequence of the banana genomic DNA was published last week, giving access to the sequences of all the 36000 genes in this important crop. The publication of this information is of both applied importance, giving knowledge of the … Continue reading

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