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100 years after Sturtevant and the linear order of genes on chromosomes: an ECA cytogenetics session

Among the exciting Plenary Sessions at the European Cytogeneticists Association conference in Dublin – #ECA2013 – one marked 100 years since publication of Alfred H Sturtevant’s landmark research paper presenting the first genetic map of a chromosome (1913: J. Exp. Zool., 14 (1), … Continue reading

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Wheat-Thinopyrum introgression work wins prize for Niaz Ali, Hazara, Pakistan

Dr Niaz Ali, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan works on the introgression of characters from alien species into wheat, having completed his PhD in Leicester in 2012 with Dr Trude Schwarzacher. He presented his PhD work at the Annual Meeting of … Continue reading

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9th European Cytogenetics Conference to discuss chromosomes, polyploidy and nuclear architecture

I was at ECA2013 in Dublin to discuss chromosomes. Workshops on molecular cytogenetics, array CGH, and “Plant, animal and comparative cytogenetics” were included (as well as many parallel ones on prenatal diagnostics, cancers, mutagenesis and ethics, which I could not … Continue reading

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Repetitive DNA in tetraploid peanut and its evolution from diploid Arachis

302. Bertioli DJ, Vidigal B, Nielen S, Ratnaparkhe MB, Lee T-JH, Leal-Bertioli SCM, Kim C, Guimaraes PM, Seijo G, Schwarzacher T, Paterson AH, Heslop-Harrison P, Araujo ACG. 2013. The repetitive component of the A genome of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) and its … Continue reading

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Preserving genetic resources in agriculture: saffron and other EU projects

Maintaining and developing sustainable uses for agricultural genetic resources is essential for ensuring food security in a sustainable manner. In this report, the outcomes of 17 EU projects on genetic resources in animals, arable crops, forest trees and “fruits, vegetables and spices” … Continue reading

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New lecturer (assistant professor) post in plant sciences at Leicester UK

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) Post in Plant Sciences, University of Leicester, UK We are seeking to appoint a permanent molecular/cellular biologist to undertake basic research relevant to plant sciences which also integrates closely with our cross-cutting College research themes in Molecular and … Continue reading

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Polyploidy and molecular cytogenetics at #ECA2013

My talk for the European Cytogeneticists Association meeting in Dublin is on Molecular Cytogenetics and polyploidy. The slides are posted on Slideshare and embedded below. The direct link is here: Here are the slides: Polyploidy and molecular cytogenetics in … Continue reading

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