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Repetitive DNA in the edible button mushroom

I have a mental picture of the structure of a typical plant genome and typical animal genome, with their  transposons (DNA and RNA), tandemly-repeated satellite sequences, minisatellites, microsatellites and other repeats. From this paper, I have a view of repeats in the second … Continue reading

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Chromosome Bridge, Polyploidy and CD Darlington in Brenner’s Encyclopedia of Genetics

297. Heslop-Harrison JS. 2013. Three articles: Cyril D Darlington; Polyploidy; and (with JP Bailey) Chromosome bridge. From Brenner’s Encyclopedia of Genetics. 2nd edition. Elsevier. Brenner’s Encyclopedia of Genetics is now edited by Kelly Hughes and Stanley Maloy With 1600 articles, it’s not … Continue reading

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