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Micronutrients in wheat grain

Following the earlier post on the fate of nutrients and micronutrients applied to crops as fertilizers, today’s paper is about micronutrients in grains, showing enhanced grain micronutrients in wheat-Aegilops longissima lines. Dr HS Dhaliwal from Himachal Pradesh, India, and colleagues including … Continue reading

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New views on fixed nitrogen and other nutrients in crops and the environment

Two works have been published which substantially update long-standing views about nitrogen and crops. The first, Bender et al. (2013), points out that the whole nutrient balance of maize, and applications of NPK (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium) and micronutrients may … Continue reading

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Zubeda Chaudhry: Collaborator from Hazara University, Pakistan and Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Zubeda Chaudhry has been a Visiting Research Fellow in the Molecular Cytogenetics Lab, University of Leicester, for a year ending in April 2013. She has been working on the characterization of WRKY transcription factors in the banana (Musa) genome … Continue reading

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