Wheat-Thinopyrum bessarabicum recombinant lines with intercalary translocations

318. Patokar C, Sepsi A, Schwarzacher T, Kishii M, Heslop-Harrison JS. 2016. Molecular cytogenetic characterization of novel wheat-Thinopyrum bessarabicum recombinant lines carrying intercalary translocations. Chromosoma 125: 163–172. 10.1007/s00412-015-0537-6 Publisher website. Version from Wheat-Thinopyrum introgression and chromosomal recombinants. Thinopyrum bessarabicum (2n=2x=14, JJ or EbEb) is a valuable source of genes for bread wheat (2n = 6x=42) improvement because…

Plant Virus Evolution and Pararetroviruses in Petunia

TS. Hohn T, Richert-Pöggeler KR, Staginnus C, Harper G, Schwarzacher T, Teo CH, Teycheney P-Y, Iskra-Caruana M-L, Hull R. 2008. Evolution of Integrated Plant Viruses. Chapter 4 pp 53-81. In: Plant Virus Evolution Ed Roossinck MJ. Springer: Berlin Link to Publisher homepage about the book with links to downloadable copies of the whole book or the chapter….