EU safety regulations – Dont mar legislation with pseudoscience

328. Dietrich DR, Dekant W, Greim H, Heslop-Harrison P, Berry C, Boobis A, Hengstler JG, Sharpe R. 2016. EU safety regulations: Don’t mar legislation with pseudoscience. Nature 535: 355 (21 July 2016) doi:10.1038/535355c We are concerned that some of the European Union’s processes for setting safety regulations for chemicals are being influenced by media and pseudoscience scaremongering….

Regulation should follow robust scientific assessments not opinions

University of Leicester scientist in battle to ‘stem onslaught of pseudoscience’ Geneticist at European Commission alarmed at impact of ‘dogma’ in regulation and the negative impact on the environment and European industry A University of Leicester scientist has joined leading scientists from across Europe in raising an alarm over the ‘pseudoscience’ concerning regulation of compounds used…