Opportunities in the molecular cytogenetics group

Working in the Molecular Cytogenetics lab
Working in the Molecular Cytogenetics lab

There are many opportunities to join the molecular cytogenetics research group for various periods, to develop new projects, complement or add data to existing projects, or gain training whether as post-doctoral and sabbatical visitors or as PhDs. In ‘management speak’ we are ‘research and training suppliers’ and not ‘funders’, so almost all the people in the group have their own funding for fellowships covering their living expenses and contributing to lab. consumable costs. We are very happy to work with people to define research programmes and assist with identifying funding bodies and making applications. Over recent years, our work has been funded by many national and EU funding schemes, charities, companies or company foundations, international organizations and the British Council.

All research in the lab is aimed at publications in international journals and developing research projects which will lead to substantial fundamental or applied advances. Thus the projects we define will require considerable dedication as well as an aptitude for independent research.

Research projects all involve training-through-research, and can involved various combinations of new techniques on the species you are interested in, or work with major crops and projects which are continuing within the laboratory such as those in our publications and research profiles on www.molcyt.com. We can develop projects on different aspects of crop molecular cytogenetics, biodiversity, breeding, introgression, and crop bioinformatics and systems biology, as well as including model plants and animals, or some aspects of genome evolution in bovids/cattle.

Information about getting to Leicester  and living in Leicester is given here.

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