Molecular cytogenetics research group October 2014

MolCytGroupSept2014_PHH7675bAt our lab. meeting a couple of weeks ago, we were happy to welcome two new PhD students to the group. Here we all are in the lobby of our Adrian Building. We are from six countries, and work on a diverse range of molecular cytogenetics projects.

From left to right, left of DNA molecule: Amal Alyamani (Wheat repetitive DNA), Ramesh Patel (Technical), Chetan Patokar (Wheat-Thinopyrum introgression), Rubar Salih (Taraxacum diversity), Pat Heslop-Harrison, Juceli Gouveia (Fish microsatellite organization) ; Sarbast Mustafa (Sheep and bovid satellite DNA diversity). Right of DNA molecule: Trude Schwarzacher, Jotyar Mohammed (Aubrieta biodiversity), Khaloud Alarjani (Brassica repetitive DNA), Stuart Desjardins (Fallopia/Knotweed relationships), Nouf Alsayied (then registered as Nauf Alsayid/Alsayied; Saffron and Crocus diversity), Fabiola Santos Carvalho (Brachiaria forage grass molecular cytogenetics; her picture is inserted). Adel Sepsi (Centromeres and epigenetics in wheat introgression lines).

Below are a series of pictures of the visit of the new President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Professor Boyle, in our laboratory.

DSC05335 DSC05334 DSC05333 DSC05332 DSC05351BoylePatHHTrudeSarbast
DSC05358 DSC05357 DSC05356 DSC05355 DSC05354 DSC05353 DSC05352 DSC05346 DSC05345 DSC05343 DSC05341 DSC05340 DSC05339 DSC05338 DSC05337

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  1. zubeda says:

    Respected pat. I miss this happy to see my prof and my fellows and new comers .It was really a great chance for me to work in your lab I miss trude so kind and very expert in Fish .I learned a lot.

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