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Saffron Crocus, quality and fraud in New York Times

Elaine Sciolino discusses saffron in the New York Times. Saffronomics partners Jean Thiercelin and Pat Heslop-Harrison are quoted, with the outcome of the project in developing methods to detect fraud and measure quality. In the article, the special qualities of saffron are discussed … Continue reading

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Banana research at the botanic garden

324. Heslop-Harrison, P. 2015. Banana research at the botanic garden. University of Leicester Botanic Garden Newsletter 12: 4. November 2015. Dessert bananas and the cooking bananas or plantains are among the oldest crops in the world. Most crops were domesticated through a long pathway … Continue reading

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We need to have more scientific mavericks @guardianletters

306. Braben DW, Allen JF, Amos W, Ball R, Birkhead T, Cameron P, Cogdell R, Colquhoun D, Dowler R, Engle I, Fernández-Armesto F, Fitzgerald D, Heslop-Harrison P, Herschbach D, Kimble HJ, Kroto H, Ladyman J, Lane N, Lawrence P, MacIntyre … Continue reading

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