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People and organizations we collaborate with in the Molecular Cytogenetics group.

Chromosomal evolution in Brachiaria forage grasses with Fabiola Carvalho Santos

Fabiola Santos from University of Londrina, Brazil, is working on the Chromosomal evolution and the organization of repetitive DNA sequences in diploid and polyploid Brachiaria forage grasses in the molecular cytogenetics group in Leicester. Brachiaria is most important cultivated forage grass genus … Continue reading

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George Fraser (1955-2014) Professor of Detector Physics and his biology

My colleagues and I were devastated by the news of the untimely death of our collaborator and friend George Fraser (22 July 1955 — 18 March 2014). George had a unique combination of vision of the applications of detector physics, … Continue reading

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Sugar cane and characterization of Saccharum hybrids by molecular cytogenetics with Natalia Melloni

Natália Melloni from UNESP and IAC, Brazil, has been characterizing Saccharum sugar cane hybrids in a collaboration with the molecular cytogenetics group. The title of the project is “Characterization of interspecific hybrids (Saccharum spp x Saccharum spontaneum) by molecular cytogenetics” … Continue reading

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Crocus and the origin of Saffron

305. Alsayied N, Schwarzacher T, Heslop-Harrison P. 2014. Crocus: research into the origin of saffron. Botanic Garden Newsletter 5: 3. Link to scan of Crocus and the origin of saffron article. The genus Crocus has nearly 100 species, each with unique characters of colour, flowering … Continue reading

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Faisal Nouroz : Collaborator from Hazara University, Pakistan on genome organization

Dr Faisal Nouroz completed his PhD at the University of Leicester in 2012, working on mobile element evolution in two contrasting crop groups, Musa and Brassica. Dr. Faisal Nouroz held a Ph.D scholarship from the Higher Education Commission and Hazara … Continue reading

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Wheat-Thinopyrum introgression work wins prize for Niaz Ali, Hazara, Pakistan

Dr Niaz Ali, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan works on the introgression of characters from alien species into wheat, having completed his PhD in Leicester in 2012 with Dr Trude Schwarzacher. He presented his PhD work at the Annual Meeting of … Continue reading

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Preserving genetic resources in agriculture: saffron and other EU projects

Maintaining and developing sustainable uses for agricultural genetic resources is essential for ensuring food security in a sustainable manner. In this report, the outcomes of 17 EU projects on genetic resources in animals, arable crops, forest trees and “fruits, vegetables and spices” … Continue reading

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