Perspectives on research with varietal diversity and sustainable utilization in enset (Ensete banana)

347. Wilkin P, Davis A, Demissew S, Etherington T, Goodwin M, Heslop-Harrison P, Schwarzacher T, Willis K. 2018. A perspective to enhance innovative research with emphasis on varietal diversity and sustainable utilization of enset (Ensete ventricosum). Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences 17(Suppl.): 201–209.

Wilkin et al. Perspectives for research and enset. Ethiopian J Biol Sci 17 2018

The current status of enset in cultivation in Ethiopia and its more widely distributed wild populations is reviewed. Biodiversity research gaps are identified, and the potential benefits of the plant and benefits of undertaking that research are discussed, in particular on food and resource security and livelihoods in Ethiopia. Knowledge of the resilience of enset will provide the evidence base underpinning a decision whether to expand its use
in Africa.

Key words/phrases: Diversity, Enset, Food security, Livelihoods, Resilience.

Ensete Talk Title Slide Addis Ababa
Ensete Talk Title Slide Addis Ababa

Specific research needs
– a. Comprehensive field surveying;
– b. Determination of inflorescence form and function;
– c. Quantification of the genetic diversity of cultivated and wild enset in Ethiopia;
– d. Surveying ploidy;
– e. Determining the resilience of cultivated enset to pests and pathogens;
– f. Relationships with mycorrhizal fungi and other soil organisms.
Potential benefits and beneficiaries

The video of my talk about genomics for presentation at the meeting giving rise to this publication is given at

About Pat Heslop-Harrison

Professor of Molecular Cytogenetics and Cell Biology, University of Leicester. Group Leader, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chief Editor, Annals of Botany. Research: genome evolution, breeding and biodiversity in agricultural species; the impact of agriculture; evalutation of research and advanced training.
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